In this room your toddler is starting to do things on their own. They will be learning how to sit in chairs, feed themselves, and wash their hands after meals and diaper changes. Also in this class room we begin to have a structured schedule and curriculum time. Frogstreet has a curriculum designed especially for the toddlers. The Curriculum introduces shapes, colors, nursery rhymes, and identifying body parts. And depending upon your child, it is also time to start thinking about tossing out the old passy, binky, or poppy. When you feel that your child is ready, inform the teacher and we will help you get started. Supplies you will need to bring include diapers and wipes, change of clothes, and a small size pillow and blanket for nap time. These items will be kept in your child’s locker. You will also receive an toddler gram to inform you of your child’s day and if any supplies are needed.